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Increasing the Technology, Increasing the Injuries? -
>> Experts in the field of muscle and joint injuries have begun to question the wisdom of using handheld gadgets, as injuries related to those gadgets soar. The San Francisco Chronicle has spoken to ...

Save the world by sitting on your ass - read more >>
A new chair designed by Ryan Klinger and known as the Empower chair will harness the body's movements to power up gadgets. The Empower will convert the users energy into electricity through a generat...

US "Underground" Operations in Iran, Cuba and Sudan - read more >>
Despite the current sanctions on business dealing with Iran, Cuba and Sudan, the Government has agreed that technology companies may export Internet services to these countries. The feeling behind th...

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iPods Main - If you have been looking for a sophisticated way to take all of your favorite music and video with you wherever you go, the Apple iPod classic is a great choice for all of your portable media needs. This thin, sleek portable media device ... >>

iPhones Main - Are you in the market for a new cell phone, but don't know which one to choose? There are many choices out there, and most phones today offer similar features in slightly different packages. It can be difficult to make a decision, especially when you are choosing ... >>

Mapping out the state by state territory of the top fiber optic internet providers across the US is a difficult job. Each state got between $1-$2million to work out what to do about the future of internet access ... let's see if they use it wisely! ;) Check out

When you're seeking out business directories to add your site to, there are many services being advertised. Some may state they are a free business directory until, once you've spent 5 minutes filling in the lengthy form (requiring your date of birth and home address!), they inform you that to submit your site for inclusion "within 48 hours", there is a fee. And that if you don't pay the fee, they may never get around to looking at your submission.

There are very few paid submissions worth your time. Add a site to every paid directory and you could spend upward of $10,000, pick just the "quality" web site directories and you'll still be looking at four figures. And what about those quality links directories? Take Yahoo for instance, each category can be so jam packed that whether you were searching for a ranking boost, Pagerank boost or just some traffic ... none of those goals will be achieved.

There are not many sites that truly fit the description of free internet directory - even ours. We require that you place our link in a trafficked place on your site. Seems only fair to us. We get lots of traffic, your listing is going to be seen and clicked on, what do you have against returning the favour? The only website directory that is actually "free" and any good is probably Dmoz ... and if you can get listed in there it would be a miracle.

Aside from trying to submit a URl to a free online directory, you could try chatting with webmasters in the same industry as you to exchange links. Not direct competitors though traffic link exchange agreements between rivals are not uncommon! Just search for "add my site" or "submit my site" along with your industry keyword and you'll find webmasters looking to set up these traffic exchanges. Just be careful and try to opt for those that follow Google Guidelines. Even a nofollow reciprocal link exchange is worth it if you get some traffic.

To add your Url to our directory just click on the links you see then go through the short form. We won't sign you up to our 10-times-a-day newsletter (we don't have one) and we won't sell your details to every pharma and gambling company. Seriously, look out as many a helpful business directory is just a set up to create a spam mail database.

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