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Our free business directory is a valuable resource to our users and receives traffic mainly looking for the new, unique and gadgety! Blogs, news and tech sites are especially welcome but don't be afraid to list your site -- even the most hardened geek-freak is looking for a gap year travel agent, laptop insurance or even instructions on how to fix their own toaster!

Note: any links deemed unfit or descriptions deemed misleading will be deleted without notification. This directory is linked to from all other pages on our site so it's appearance is important to us, please respect the individuals visiting our site by not submitting junk or listing your site more than once as at most you will get 1-2 hours exposure before you listing is deleted by a moderator.

1. First please select which country directory you would like to be listed in: You Are Here UK Geek Directory

2. Then pick the category you would like to be displayed in:

Adding your listing to our search engine friendly directory is free, but to verify that you own the website you are submitting - we need you to place a link to us from the website you wish to add to our directory. (We no longer support the meta tag option due to blogger and free web space provider issues. Every service allows you to insert links.) Obviously we would love you to keep our link on your website after verification. For ease of use, you can Copy/Paste this code:

Which will display something like the following: "The Geek Directory - Information and resources covering the latest gadgets and gizmos available on the web." but feel free to create variations to suit your own site layout.

3. Once you have done that you can enter your information below and your site will be added instantly to our directory! Note: we do not accept submissions from adult, gambling or pharmaceutical content sites (yes, that includes your "men's health" pills!). Submissions are checked by a moderator and such sites will generally be deleted within minutes.

Contact Email: (for access to change your directory listing only, your email will not be added to any marketing database or sold on)

The Web address you would like us to link to:
(include http:// max 100 characters)

The text you would like us to use in the link:
(max 50 characters)

A Brief Description of your site:250

URL of the page that links to OUR website:

(Security): Please enter the characters you see on the image:     

If you have any problems with this form please contact us at Email Us

Looking for more traffic? Why not treat our collection of sites as a reciprocal link exchange partners directory! The sites submitting themselves to our directory are indicating that they are looking for more traffic and that the owner has the ability to add links to their site. Why not visit the websites listed in the same category as yourself and ask if they want to exchange links with you to boost traffic? And if you're worried about search engines thinking badly of you for reciprocating each other, just use the nofollow tag like we do.

Within the context of SEO, much is made of the need for backlinks to demonstrate a site's importance and popularity, thereby improving its position in search engine rankings. However, while the number of links can indicate popularity, the quality of a backlink is generally more significant for a search engine. The quality can be judged by the page rank of the link partner as well is its relevance. This, in turn, often depends on the two sites having similar themes, which can be reinforced by there being reciprocal links between them.

Having a reciprocal link between two sites with a similar purpose may well increase the traffic for them both. Visitors to one site are likely to also look at the links partner if they are interested in what is available there. Since this is of benefit to both parties, you need to find link partners and establish reciprocal linking with them.

It cannot be over-emphasised that a good link exchange strategy isn't just about creating as many reciprical connections as you can, it's more important to find links partners that have some relevance to what you offer. It is also generally better if linking occurs gradually since this is a more natural process rather than a quick accumulation that's just designed to fool the search engines.

One way to find link exchange partners is to use one of the many reciprocal directories that are available. These directories will have many potential exchange partners and should list them by category so that you can choose only link partners that are suitable. Remember, you are trying to build only relevant, quality links so don't choose every site that is keen on a recipricol trade of addresses. Look at what each site is offering and also see how highly they rate in search lists to ensure you select a good SEO partner.

The main point of using a reciprocal directory is that is likely to be the easiest and quickest way to find an exchange partner. The alternative to this is a bit more long winded because it involves searching the internet for sites that are likely to provide a good reciprocal partner for you. Once you've found one that seems suitable, you'll need to submit your site details to the webmaster and suggest link exchanges between you. Do this slowly and carefully and you'll improve the performance of your site.

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