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New iPod Touch, Classic, Nano & Shuffle i-Pods Now on Sale

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iPod Classic Classic iPod: If you have been looking for a sophisticated way to take all of your favorite music and video with you wherever you go, the Apple iPod classic is a great choice for all of your portable media needs. This thin, sleek portable media device gives you the ability to download your entire library of music, music videos, movies, and photographs from your home PC or Mac computer, and play them while you are on the bus, waiting in the airport, or just taking a break at work.

Unlike many other models of iPods, the Classic iPod gives you up to 160 GB of storage space. That's enough room for 40,000 songs or 200 hours of video - you'll never have to choose what will stay and what will go with this model. Just think, you could play music for almost 100 days straight (not that this is recommended) without ever hearing a single repeat, or watch movies for more than 8 days (again, not recommended) without seeing the same movie twice.

The Classic iPod also comes with all metal casing, which makes it significantly more durable than other portable media players. Even so, the Classic iPod is the lightest and thinnest iPod model yet.

The viewing screen of the Classic iPod gives you the ability to view music videos and movies with amazing clarity - you'll be able to view video media in incredible detail. You can also use the viewing screen to display your favorite digital photographs, or to flip through and select your music by album cover.

The Classic iPod's battery gives you plenty of playing time, too - up to 25 hours between charges. So no matter where you go or how long it takes you to get there, you can rely on the Classic iPod to keep you entertained with plenty of music and video to get you through your day.

iPod Touch iPod Touch: One of the most common complaints about video enabled Apple iPod units is that, even though you can easily download and play video files on your iPod, the viewable screen when most iPod units is too small to see the details in your videos. This is because most iPods are controlled with a touch wheel located on the bottom half of the iPod unit, which limits the space available for the viewing screen.

Fortunately, there is a new iPod unit that eliminates this problem - the iPod Touch. Unlike many other iPod units, the iPod Touch does not incorporate a touch wheel into its design; rather, it allows you to control, select, and organize your media files directly on the viewing screen with a touch of your finger. By eliminating the need for a touch wheel, the designers of the iPod touch have produced a model which is smaller than a deck of playing cards, yet boasts a 3.5" viewing area.

In addition to allowing a viewing screen that is nearly as large as the iPod unit itself, these iPods give you a number of interesting control features as well. For example, by placing both of your index fingers on the screen and moving them toward the center or toward the edges, you can zoom in or out of a video file.

Of course, the iPod Touch offers the same ease of downloading from a Mac or PC as other iPod units. It also gives you the same ability to organize and play your media files the way you want - you can still filter songs by artists, album, or genre, and you can still organize videos according to preset playlists.

In short, the iPod Touch gives you all of the features of the classic iPod units, while giving you the ability to play back video that you can actually see.

iPod Nano 4GB iPod Nano 4GB: Are you looking for an inexpensive way to make the video and music files stored on your PC or Mac mobile? One of the least expensive yet most powerful ways to do this is to purchase a 4 GB Apple iPod Nano.

These tiny iPods have been completely redesigned to allow not only the storage and playback of music files, but video files as well. The 4 GB iPod Nano is smaller than a deck of playing cards, but can hold up to 1,000 songs or 2.5 hours of video - long enough for you to watch an entire movie while you are on the go!

Downloading media files to your iPod Nano is quite simple - if you have your media files organized on iTunes, all you have to do is connect your iPod to your PC or Mac with the USB port provided with your iPod unit, and iTunes will automatically download the music and video files to your iPod. Every time you charge your portable media device, iTunes will check for updates, and add new items from your iTunes library to your iPod.

At a very reasonable price of under $150, the iPod Nano is one of the least expensive portable media players that gives you both audio and video capability, while allowing your full control over your media files.

iPod Nano 4GB iPod Nano 8GB: Finding an affordable portable media device to download and play both audio and video files can be a difficult task, especially if you want to be able to have full contol over the organization and playback of your media files. Fortunately, there is one option that gives you the flexibility to play both audio and video files without breaking the bank - the 8 GB Apple iPod Nano.

The iPod Nano's tiny $150 price tage belies its considerable power - for such a small price, you get a portable media device that can store and play nearly 2,000 songs or 5 hours of video - that means that you can carry almost 5 days worth of music, or the video equivalent of 2 full-length movie, with you on an electronic device that is smaller than the size of a credit card.

Not only that, but these iPods give you the ability to organize and play your media files however you like - you can select music based on artist, album title, or genre, and you can build custom playlists for your video files, so your media is always easy to find.

The newest versions of the iPod Nanos also give you the option to engrave the case with your name or other message, giving you the ability to make your iPod Nano as unique as you are.

iPod Shuffle iPod Shuffle: Do you have a family member or friend to buy a birthday or holiday gift for, but have no idea what to give them? The best way to give a gift is to find one that the recipient will be able to enjoy for a long time to come, without draining your bank account. One product that can do this, while showing that you put real thought and effort into choosing the gift, is the personalized Apple iPod shuffle.

Your gift recipient will be able to download music files from his or her Mac or PC directly to the iPod Shuffle, so he or she can take the music anywhere. These i-Pods randomly select from the library of music that has been downloaded, and plays these songs in random order.

Not only that, but you can choose to have the iPod shuffle personalized by having the recipient's name or a custom message engraved on the case. This make the gift as unique as your recipient is.

At a price tag of less than $100, the personalized i-Pod shuffle makes a great gift for just about anyone. They'll love it because they can take their favorite music on the go without lugging around a case full of CDs. You'll love it because you won't have to max out your credit cards to pay for it.

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