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iPod Speakers - Altec Lansing, Bose, JBL & Logitech i-Pod Speaker Systems

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Altec Lansing iPod Speakers Altec Lansing M602 iPod Speakers: If you use an Apple iPod Nano to download music from your home PC or Mac computer, then you know the convenience of being able to take all of your favorite music with you, wherever you go. But there are times when you will want to enjoy your downloaded music without having to deal with headphones. There are many docking speaker systems available for iPods today, but many of them are rather large, and too cumbersome to take with you on vacation, to the beach, or to anywhere else where you want to take your music. One docking speaker unit that is small enough to be easily portable is the Altec Lansing iM500 iPod Nano Speakers. Although this unit is powerful enough to produce stereo quality sound, it is just over one half inch thick, making it small enough to easily pack in a gym bag or briefcase. And since it can run up to 10 hours on AAA batteries, there's no reason not to have your music with you anywhere your travels take you. So if you're looking to get more from your Apple iPod, check out the Altec-Lansing iM500 speakers - it can add a whole new dimension to your music listening experience.

Altec-Lansing iPod Nano Speakers: Are you looking for a convenient way to play the music you have downloaded to your Apple iPod from your home PC or Mac computer, only without the aggravation of wired headphones? Then one product you should consider is the Altec Lansing M602 iPod Speakers unit. This compact unit features self contained speakers in an iPod docking unit, with no messy wires to get in your way. The M602 is small enough to fit on your desktop or nightstand, yet it produces sound quality that rivals that of expensive stereo systems. The integrated speakers deliver ample base sound and clear, clean mid range and high tones, giving you the sound you need to enjoy your music in any room of your home.

The Altec Lansing accommodates all iPods except for the iPod shuffle with its included assortment iof iPod adapters. And while the M602 lacks the capacity to run on disposable batteries, the AC adapter allows the unit to not only deliver quality sound, but also to charge your iPod unit while you are enjoying your music in your home, office, or hotel room. So if you're looking for a way to listen to your downloaded music while you are at home, the Altec Lansing M602 is a worthwhile investment that will help you get more out of your iPod.

Bose Speakers for i-Pod Bose Companion iPod Speakers: Do you love to download music, for your Apple iPod, from your Mac or PC? Are you unhappy with the quality of sound that your current computer speakers produce? Do you want superior sound quality when downloading music, watching online videos, and gaming? Are you current speakers bulky and in the way? Then check out the Bose Companion 3 V2 Speakers!

The Bose Companion 3 V2 delivers top of the line sound from your Mac or PC. So, by upgrading to these speakers, you can get the best sound quality from iPods, MP3 players, and your computer gaming console. Imagine, being able to hear the best sound quality available when you are choosing music to download to your iPod, watching online videos, and gaming!

These speakers are also small, with detachable stands and mounting brackets, so that you can cut down on much needed desk space - plus, your speakers blend elegantly with your decor. You can pick up the Bose Companion 3 V2 speaker set for around $250, and with the superior quality, you will find they are worth every penny! So what are you waiting for? Check out the Bose Companion 3 V2 speakers and get top of the line sound for your iPod downloads, Mp3 files, and gaming needs!

Bose SoundDock: You've invested a lot of money into your Apple iPod and your digital music collection. So why restrict yourself to just listening to your favorite music while you are on the go? The Bose SoundDock gives you a simple way to hear your music that you have downloaded from your PC or Mac computer in your home as well as on the road. The SoundDock's cradle fits almost any of the iPods available today. Simply slide your iPod into the cradle, turn the unit on, and press play on your iPod. The Sound Dock will deliver Bose quality sound throughout the room, lending your music the quality it deserves.

While your favorite music is playing through the Bose SoundDock, the dock charges your unit, so you never have to worry about leaving the house in the morning only to find that your iPod's battery is drained. You can even control the music from across the room, or across the house, with the Sound Dock's powerful remote. Imagine not having to walk through the house to turn your music off before you can answer the phone or the front door, or to turn the music up when your favorite song queues. The Sound-Dock makes life simple, while giving you great quality music!

JBL iPod Speaker Systems JBL Radial Speakers for iPod: Are you looking for a dock that will play all of the songs you have downloaded from your home PC or Mac computer to your Apple iPod, but want great stereo sound quality for enjoying your music in your home? Then one of the most innovative products on the market may just be the dock you are looking for - the JBL Radial Speakers unit for the Apple iPod.

This unit accommodates nearly all iPods (except for the iPod shuffle) via a set of adapters that fit each iPod model's dock port. Simply load your ipod into the dock, turn the unit on, and select your music on your iPod, and the radial speaker set will deliver serious stereo sound to any room in your home.

Not only does the JBL Radial Speakers unit provide sophisticated sound, but it also charges your iPod, so you'll never have to leave home with a brained iPod battery. In addition, the built-in USB port allows you to connect the unit to your PC or Mac, so you can sync your iPod with iTunes while your iPod is loaded into the unit's dock.

The JBL Radial Speakers unit includes a fully functional remote that allows you to control the unit from any room in your home, so you'll never have to walk through several rooms to mute the play to answer the phone or the door. If you're looking for great sound from an iPod dock, the JBL Radial Speakers system just may be the right choice for you!

JBL OnTime Speakers: If you use your Apple iPod to download all of your favorite digital music from your home PC or Mac computer, then you know how great it can be to have your library of music with you wherever you go. But did you know you can also use your iPod as an alarm to wake you up in the morning as well? With the addition of JBL On Time Speakers, you can not only do this, but do it with sound that rivals expensive home stereo systems. The JBL Ontime system includes adapters to fit nearly all of the available iPods, so no matter which model you're using, it will be compatible with the unit's docking port.

The OnTime features optimally placed tweeters, midrange, and bass speakers in a unique radial enclosure that surrounds your docked iPod, which provides significantly better sound that you'll get from any regular alarm clock. And the unit's dual alarm feature allows you to set two different times for your favorite music to begin playing, so two people can share the OnTime without having to reset the alarm each time. So if you'd like to wake up to music from your library instead of a screeching alarm tone, consider the JBL OnTime - it will be a welcome way to start your mornings more enjoyably.

Logitech AudioStation Express Speakers: The advent of the Apple iPod has made it easier than ever for music lovers to take their music on the go - its simple design allows you to easily download thousands of songs from your home PC or Mac, so your library of music goes wherever you go. However, wouldn't it be nice to also listen to the music on your iPod when you are home as well? With the Logitech AudioStation Express Speakers, you can! The Audio Station Express is a freestanding speaker unit that accommodates nearly all models of iPods via a set of adapters designed for each model. The unit provides adequate sound for any room in your home, yet it is small enough that it occupies very little space on your desktop. While not designed to be played at loud volumes or to deliver window-rattling bass sound, the AudioStation Express is sufficient for most circumstances, including playing your favorite downloaded music while you are getting to sleep at night.

This sleek unit even includes a wireless remote that lets you control basic functions on your iPod, such as power, volume, and track shuffling - this is a nice added feature that will allow you to pause or mute your iPod from another room so you can answer the phone or the front door.

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