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New Apple Tablet, the Zomm and the Auto-Finder

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>> The Annual Consumer Electronics Show is due to be held this week in Las Vegas and the top trends for the coming year are expected to include such items as 3D TV, E-Readers, netbooks, Internet connected cars and green technology. The show is likely to highlight many of the new technologies available from the major manufacturers including the Android from Apple and a range of new applications for the iPhone. More than 20,000 new products will be on display at the show from 2500 companies. 110,000 people are expected to attend, which is 15% down on last years figures. Google have declined the opportunity to attend the show and are expected to announced their new phone this week at their Silicon Valley headquarters.

>> New security measures for those traveling from Pakistan, Nigeria, Yemen, Cuba, Iran, Sudan and Syria to the US have been put in place with effect from this week. The measures will include increased screening and patting down as well is the use of screening and advanced imaging technology, which allows the user to view the passenger through their clothing. The imaging technology was originally used in the garment industry to produce correctly fitted clothing and will be available for use in 19 US airports. It can identify any objects contained either on or inside the body.

>> Further security measures surrounding the use of gadgets while flying have also come into force in recent days following the terrorist attack on Christmas Day. It has been indicated that passengers flying in from outside of the US cannot hold anything in their laps or open their carry-on luggage during the final hour of a flight. Communication equipment including the Internet must be turned off for the entire flight. Whether this includes the use of electronic books or iPods is unclear.

>> Finder Technologies from California have announced that the sales of their Auto-Finder product exceeded their expectations during the holiday season and that customer feedback has been very positive. The product allows the user to find their car from up to half a mile away, making it easier for families to find their car in huge car parks or unfamiliar areas. The Auto-Finder is part of a series of family safety products offered by the manufacturer using their micro antenna system. It will guide the user to their car without the need for a satellite signal.

>> The Zomm has been awarded the Best Innovations award ahead of the Consumer Electronics Show in las Vegas this week. The mobile phone accessory is designed to prevent people from losing their phones. The key chain device will send an alarm if the user moves too far from their phone and acts as a remote speaker phone, personal alarm and emergency services dialer. The device is the invention of husband and wife team Laurie and Henry Penix. They joined forces with 30 developers and engineers around the world to develop the Zomm and plan to market it for sale at around $79.99 from March 2010.

>> The Open Mobile Video Coalition (OMVC) which represents more then 800 local TV stations is planning to start a trial of mobile digital TV broadcasting during 2010. They will be previewing a number of ATSC Mobile DTV spec devices at the CES show this week. LG are showing the DP570MH Mobile Digital TV and DVD which has a 7 inch screen and is about the size of a small book when folded. As well as showing television and DVD's, the TV can also play CD's, display JPEGs and play music files from it's USB connection. Another similar device due to be revealed this week is the Tivit. It has been partially funded by the OMVC and is an accessory which receives television signals and broadcasts them to wi-fi devices. It will work with the iPod and iPhone, Blackberry and on Windows PC's.

>> Fans of the iPhone are waiting for the unveiling of the new Apple tablet due this week. They have released very few details regarding the device, but excited experts expect that it will run apps in the same way as the iPhone and iPod Touch, but will have a larger screen suitable for watching movies and reading books. It is thought that it will have an aesthetic and pleasing interface, but is still merely a larger smart phone, according to consumer researcher, Chris Collins from the Yankee Group. He believes it will take off initially, but will end up fueling sales of smart phones as the netbook has done. Analysts have suggested that Apple will need to charge around $800 for the tablet, just slightly less than a fully functioning laptop ... this may make it more of a niche product. †

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