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Consumer Electronics Show Round-up ... Who Can forget the sex robot ...

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>> With the Consumer Electronics Show happening last week, the inevitable round-up of the best gadgets on display has been hitting websites and newspapers. Several items have stood out as being the most popular with technology journalists.

One of these is the Samsung LED 9000 series TV. This 3D TV is encased in brushed metal and stands on a criss cross of legs. More importantly it is incredibly thin. Also worth a mention is the Que E-reader from Plastic Logic. Despite the hefty price tag of around $649 for the basic model, this reader is flat and thin with a 11.6 inch screen. It also offers access to 700,000 books. Another favorite appears to be the Android powered Motorola Backflip. The keyboard on this smart phone is on the back and will flip forwards to allow typing while facing the screen. The screen can also be positioned at 90 degrees to allow the phone to become a mini laptop.

Perhaps one of the strangest gadgets on display at the show was the world first "sex robot". The robot is designed to respond to touch with conversation. The makers of the life size toy, True Companion LLC, say it is supposed to be something people can relate to and and talk to. Attached to a laptop, the robot will receive downloads of new phrases and software. The robot has a number of personalities and will start at $7,000. The maker was originally inspired to create the robot after the 9/11 tragedy, which made him want to recreate the personalities of people who had died.

>> Adidas have launched the latest version of their miCoach training system known as the miCoach Pacer. The whole package is designed to keep track of the users running workouts using a heart monitor and shoe sensor. It also allows access to the Adidas website to record the data and offer advice. The system is in direct competition with the Nike system which works with the Apple iPod. The Adidas sensor can however, be used with any shoe and MP3 player and will offer coaching while the user runs in 11 different languages.

>> Latest research from the Environmental Protection Agency has shown that Americans own an average of 23 gadgets per household and are buying more every day. In 2007 householders threw away 27 million TV's, 205 million computer items and 100 million cellphones. Just 16% of these items were recycled. Unfortunately there is no federal law in place which governs how electronic gadgets should be disposed of, however guidelines have been issued by the EPA. California is the one state which has a recycling program in place and has legitimate collectors and recyclers certified by a regulatory body.

>> With people owning so many gadgets it is useful to have a way of keeping them all properly organized. Good Housekeeping have offered advice to their readers on the best way of keeping cords out of harms way. A multi-slotted charging station will charge several items at once, with just one wire plugging into the wall. The "Big Eye Magazine Rack" is also mentioned as great way of keeping remote controls together with manuals and guides. They also recommend ensuring that products are registered online when first purchased.

>> Google have finally released their much anticipated Nexus One mobile phone. The phone has a larger screen than the iPhone and is less bulky with a better 5 megapixel camera. All things which make it stand out. In addition, the user is able to use Google web browsing, maps and news at the touch of a button. The device is also voice enabled allowing handsfree use.

>> The upcoming release of Ironman 2 has seen the market in gadget toys for kids (and adults) step up a notch. A new licensing deal with Vivatar will see a number of gadgets aimed at kids such as a digital camera, MP3 player, spy camcorder and a text message sender. The items are all branded with the Ironman logos and work just the same as any other gadget, but are encased in plastic and are somewhat chunkier.

>> Oregon Scientific has announced that it has two new gadgets coming out in August or September of this year. The advanced Wireless Appliance Manager will allow the user to monitor the energy usage of up to eight appliances using remote sensors. While the Individual Appliance Manager will monitor the use of one single outlet. These devices allow the user to keep an eye on their electricity usage, saving energy and money. †

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