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Top Gadgets of the Consumer Electronics Show and the Last Decade didn't include X-Ray Vision?!

Funny Gadgets

>> A Santa Fe man is suing his neighbor for $500,000 after he claimed that the waves from her iPhone, Wi Fi, cell phone, laptops and other gadgets were playing havoc with his electromagnetic allergies. Arthur Firstenburg claims that the radiation emitted by these devices give him nausea, vertigo, headaches and insomnia along with a host of other ailments. Electromagnetic hypersensitivity is, apparently, a legitimate condition which Firstenburg says he has suffered with since college. He is asking the judge to prevent his neighbor from using her devices and wants the money for damages and pain and suffering.

>> The Greater Burlington Area Crime Stoppers initiative have announced they are to launch a new scheme to allow tipsters to send text messages to the authorities about crime. The message will be encrypted before being passed to the police department. The anonymity of the texter will be maintained. TipSoft SMS will be available as an application and will assign a crime number to the text, allowing the tipster to receive any reward which might come from any arrest. An email system is also available for any photos the tipster might want to send.

>> An Oregon man has an application on his Android phone to thank for the conviction of the person who stole it. The burglar had decided to use the phone to take photos of himself but was unaware that the owner had installed an application known as Lookout. The app will upload and save recently taken images and identifies the position of the phone on a map. The owner logged into his account online and found the images, which were passed on to police. The app can also allow the owner to set off an alarm on the phone and wipe data from the phone they may not want anyone else to see.

>> The new iLuv iMM 153 Desktop Dual Alarm Clock is perfect for anyone who has trouble getting up in the morning. It doubles as a docking station for the iPod or iPhone, but also offers a choice of being woken by radio, music, buzzer or - wait for it - a bed shaker. The shaker is placed under the mattress or pillow and vibrates when the alarm goes off. It sells for around $45 online and is available in black, white, blue or pink.

>> Army scientists have developed a gadget which will allow soldiers to see through walls. The Sense-Through-Wall radar emits an electromagnetic wave which penetrates physical barriers. It then sends information to the soldier about the range and general direction of targets they cannot see. Army officials say that the device could make battles in urban areas safer, particularly during house clearances. Feedback on the device has been positive, but development is still underway.

>> A recent study by ABC News has listed the top ten gadgets of the last decade. Included in their list is the iPod which was introduced in 2001 and became the best selling digital music player of all time. Following this is the GPS which is now more accurate than ever. The list also includes the Blackberry, the forerunner to the iPhone which is also in the list and digital cameras which came into their own in the noughties after their introduction in the nineties. Finally, gadgets such as the Wii, e-book readers, usb sticks and Tivo are in the list.

>> The best gadgets for gaming have been revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show last week. Ones which appear to have caught the eye of technology reporters include Project Natal, a motion sensing control system for the X-Box 360. Due to be released during the summer 2010. Also for the X-Box was the Game Room, a virtual arcade for gamers to download and play the old style arcade games. A new guitar controller for Guitar Hero is also due to be released. This allows the user to play their own music while connected to a real amp. Finally Dell are due to release their Alienware M11x gaming laptop. Aimed at hardcore gamers, it has a small 11.6 inch screen and weighs less than 2kg. This will have performance at a level far above other laptops and will cost less than $1000. †

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