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Gadgets: Kids spend too much time with them and women carry too many

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>> A report from The Kaiser Family Foundation has revealed that children aged 8 to 18 spend more than 7 hours a day playing with or using gadgets. This is broken down as 2.5 hours of music each day, 5 hours of TV and movies, three hours on the Internet and just 38 minutes reading. Add to this the 1.5 hours messaging and 30 minutes chatting on phones and it adds up to more than 75 hours each week. For those who use their gadgets the most, the effects are shown in their report cards. Just one quarter of light users get bad grades compared to half of heavy users. Just one third of children reported that their parents place time limits on their gadget use, despite this having real impact on the child.

>> A study of the weights of womens handbags in the UK has shown that they have decreased in weight from 8lbs to just 3lbs in the last two years due to the use of smaller gadgets. However a study of New York women has shown that this simply doesn't apply in the US. The NY Post weighed womens handbags and discovered that a huge number were carrying around 6, 7 or even 10lb purses. One woman commented that gadgets may be getting smaller but but that they simply carry more general items around

>> Coming in at just $10, the AromaUSB is a USB stick which will release aroma into the air when in use. The sticks come in Jasmine, Chamomile, Ocean Breeze and Lavender and should last for around three months. Perfect for smelly workplaces or stuffy offices.

>> It seems that Tetris remains the favorite game for cell phone users more than 25 years since its inception. In fact Electronic Arts are celebrating 100 million paid downloads this week. The game was invented by a Soviet programmer Alexey Pajitnov in 1984 and gained huge success on the Nintendo Gameboy in 1989. The addictive nature of the game and its suitability for hand-held devices has seen it remain popular for cellphones and other mobile gadgets ever since.

>> Apple are to officially reveal their latest gadgets for 2010 at the Yerba Buene Center in San Francisco later this week. Apple is keeping very quiet about what may be revealed, but it is expected that a tablet computer priced between $800 and $1000 may be on offer. It is also possible that a touch screen Mac may be shown, a larger iPod Touch and maybe a revamping of the MacBook Air. It is also thought that their will be a revamping how people buy music and movies through their iTunes store.

>> A social networking application is aiming to bring single people together in city centers. The Urban Signals app is a location based application which allows the user to see the people around them if they are open to being approached. The founder Abree Nichols said that it was hoped the app would break down the barriers which mean that people miss opportunities. The app is available on free download for the iPhone and iTouch on a 30 day trial. After this time it will cost $4.99 a month.

>> has unveiled the 10 top gadgets for people affected by arthritis or other movement limiting diseases. Included in the list was the Autonomous Saucier will stir pots without having to lift a finger. With three different speed settings it simply moves around the pot continuously. The Bracelet buddy will help the user to fasten their bracelet without needing three hands to do so. It works like a large pair of tweezers to keep one end steady. And finally the Electric Peeler will allow the cook in the house to peel anything with ease. †

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