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The iPad, the 80 Port USB Charger and Google Health Bathroom Scales ... a pointless gadget week it seems

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>> The new Apple iPad was unveiled this week by CEO Steve Jobs, something which he described as "the most important thing I have done". The hype surrounding the release has been intense and it is boasted as having capabilities beyond what were expected ... so why is everyone disappointed? Jobs said that the device was aimed at being somewhere between a smart phone and a laptop and is designed for web browsing, email, playing games and for e-books. It has an 8-10 hour battery life and all current iPhone apps will run on it. It is being described as a 7 inch iPod Touch with a similar operating system and higher resolution.

In other words, it's a larger version of already existing Apple products. So, it doesn't have the important or useful abilities of a laptop nor does it have the important or useful facilities of an iPhone. It's a big iPod ... without the important or usefulness of an iPods size ...

>> General Motors is to become the first US car manufacturer to design and build electric motors for hybrids and electric vehicles. They claim that the move will improve performance, quality and reliability of electric vehicles as they will have more control over the design and production processes. The first motor is due to debut in 2013. It is expected that the project will create around 200 jobs and is likely to be at the company's White Marsh facility. The US Department of Energy will be underwriting part of the investment required and the move is seen as a way to rebuild customer confidence after it's government financed bankruptcy in July.

>> A study by Robert Half Technology of 1400 CIO's has found that 51% believe that the availability of gadgets in the workplace has increased the number of problems with etiquette. It appears that gadgets are a big distraction for workers. The survey identified the 5 worst behaviors coming from those who use gadgets in the workplace. Number one was those who will send emails rather than talking face to face followed by those who speck loudly on the phone. People also found it annoying when workers wore Bluetooth ear pieces all day and those who allow their phones to vibrate during meetings and finally those who text or send emails during meetings.

>> Even truckers use the iPhone it seems. Two new apps have just been released and are aimed at the trucking industry. Known as iLoadFinder, one application helps truckers access a load board, where loads are advertised for truckers to haul. Another application recently released allowing trucking companies to send bills to shippers and receivers. BOL, which stands for Bill of Loading, shows the weight, number of pieces, and description of the load. The load details can then be sent automatically rather than sent via the post which is the usual convention.

>> A company called ColorWare is offering a service where a gadget owner can have their device customized with any design or color they wish. Products can either be sent to them or purchased from them after deciding which design the new owners wants. They can customize anything from an iMac to an Xbox 360, with all types of paint finishes including metallic, pearlescent and solid colors. Their website will also allow the user to check out how the new colors will look before the commitment to buy is made.

>> A new oven from Jen-Air is set to revolutionize the way people in the US cook. The convection system wall oven has a7 inch full color touchscreen with 50 different food options, allowing the user to choose the food type, whether it needs to be well done or rare and even the type of pan being used. Pictures also offer tips on what the food should look like and how to do certain tasks. Jen-Air describe the oven as a Culinary Center and they hope it removes the guess work from cooking. The touch screen can be customized with different colors and themes from florals to seasonal displays.

>> Withings have released a bathroom scale which can used in conjunction with Google Health which was launched in 2009. The scale is wi-fi enabled and will upload the users weight to the Google site enabling users to keep track of their weight and other health related information. Google Health can be shared with doctors, family members and care givers and the use of the scale means that the user simply cannot cheat when recording their weight. For $159 the scale can upload to not just Google, but to Twitter and the iPhone or to any secure webpage.

>> The release of an 80 port USB charger has gadget bloggers wondering if the US love of gadgets is going a bit too far. The device released by Thanko is described by the company as making the user feel like "a soldier in the army". Yet at $165 it can only charge devices and will not carry data. As pointed out on a few sites, if that many gadgets are owned and need to be charged all at once, then it may be necessary to rethink priorities. †

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