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It seems technology really does save lives!

Funny Gadgets

An Ohio woman survived a gunshot wound thanks to her Blackberry which was in her pocket. She was in a restaurant when another diner put on his coat and accidentally fired his gun which was in the coat pocket. The bullet ripped a hole in the womans jeans, but did not go through her smartphone. This follows on from the recent story of a man's survival in the Haiti earthquake due to the use of his iPhone and digital camera, which he used to direct people to his whereabouts.

The Consumer Electronics Association has announced the details of this years Greener Gadgets Conference which will take place on February 25 in New York City. Entrants of the design competition will have the opportunity to showcase their designs and demonstrate how their gadgets will impact on the industry. The competition is open to public votes and finalists will be judged in front of a live audience at the conference. $5,000 worth of prizes are up for grabs. The conference will also feature a panel discussion on Green Living at Home which will focus on sustainable living.

The US Department of Transportation is considering instituting tougher rules on bringing batteries and battery powered devices into the country, either via importation or in luggage on flights. The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration want to remove the exceptions which apply to small lithium batteries of less then 100 watt hours. They say that the change to the rules will encourage vendors to provide better packaging and cut down on the numbers of accidents. As things stand an airline may not be aware an entire pallet of batteries is on their aircraft. It will make little difference to travelers, aside from not being able to carry spare batteries in their hand luggage.

The latest gadget for dog lovers is the Dog-e-Minder, a device which can be attached to a dog collar and will record when the dog was last walked or fed. It can also be used to keep track of medication. It will allow absent minded dog owners the opportunity to remind themselves of when the dog last went outside and see if the chore needs doing again. Helpful if a few different people look after the dog. Priced at $19.95 this gadget is currently available on a two for one deal on their website.

Along similar lines, the Power Generating Dog Leash has LED lights and small compartment for plastic bags built into the handle, but best of all it requires no batteries as it generates its own power with the pull and release of the leash. It is due for release later this year.

The US really is a country of dog lovers as evidenced by the latest toy offering from Mattel. The Puppy Tweets toy will send Tweets to a dog's Twitter page giving information on their daily walks and barking habits. It sits on the dogs collar and randomly sends Tweets when it recognizes movement or barking from the dog. The Tweets are related to the dogs movements and are designed to sound very cute or humorous. The dog does not actually come up with the tweet themselves...Mattel point out that the toy is designed to be for entertainment rather than high tech. Owners must set up the twitter page and can update it with other details if they wish.

Google have released the details of their mobile version of Google Buzz. They have released tools which will make their Gmail more of a social networking site rather than simply an email service. Analyst Stuart Williams points out that in order for Google to compete with Facebook or Twitter they must make all their products mobile friendly due to the mobile nature of todays consumers. The most noteworthy feature of the latest version of Buzz is the GPS location or Nearby feature. The user will be able to see social posts relating to the area they are in, helping them to find interesting events or restaurants. Some experts have claimed that privacy issues should be sorted out by Google.

Gillette have this week announced the release of their latest shaver for men, the Gillette Fusion ProGlide which will run alongside the Pro-Series - a complete range of skin care products. The ProGlide has low cutting force blades with thinner finer edges, a blade stabilizer and a hair guiding microcomb. Gillette hope tey have set a new standard in the world of shaving for men with their advancement. †

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