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A new chair designed by Ryan Klinger and known as the Empower chair will harness the body's movements to power up gadgets. The Empower will convert the users energy into electricity through a generator in the hinges, this is stored in lithium batteries, which can then be used for small gadgets. The chair, which has a rocking motion, is an entrant in the Greener Gadgets Design Competition and is made of recycled materials.

One of the world's top makers of smartphones, HTC has unveiled their new handset which will have many of the same features as the Nexus One, but with a possible lower price and wider distribution. The phone, called Desire, was launched at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last week. The 3.7 inch screen is brighter than most PC's due to the new display technology called AMOLED. This type of screen does not require a backlight, but emits it's own light. The phone will also feature "friendstream" which will act as an aggregator for social networking sites.

The 33rd annual report on the National Health is due to be released this week and will show that advances in medical technology have led to a surge in some medical tests and increased use of prescription drugs. The reports contains a special section on health technology and shows that the use of imaging or MRI scans has tripled since 1996. Kidney and liver transplants have also increased, as has the use of prescription drugs from 38% during 1988 - 1994 to 47% during 2003 - 2006. The writers of the report commented that more partnerships between academics and public health groups will address some of the more persistent medical issues affecting the US.

The law in the US has not caught up with new technology according to a district attorney in San Mateo county. Chris Feasel claims that his county feels that searching a persons smartphone for evidence without a warrant is lawful. However the Electronic Frontier Foundation say that this type of evidence should not be admissible and that this type of search could be covered by a federal law designed to protect the privacy of emails. The law states that the police may check the pockets and wallet of a suspect, but the Foundation say this should not apply to phones. A case which is currently under way in the county is expected to set a precedent for this type of evidence search.

Engineering Operations and Technology staff at Boeing in Washington and California have been dealt a blow this week after 800 staff were sent lay off notices. Tim Healy speaking for the company said that the eventual number of lay offs could be less, but that the cut off date is April 23. The lay offs are part of 10,000 job cuts across the company. It is normal practise, according to Healy for the technology units to do a yearly lay off program in any case.

CEO's of large companies are being encouraged to to spend some time thinking about the use of gadgets in the workplace according to an analyst at Forrester research Inc. Sharyn Leaver has suggested that bosses use YouTube to spice up meetings, work out how social networking could improve marketing and to embrace the fact that people bring their gadgets into work. With recent research suggesting that people get irritated by the use of personal gadgets in the workplace, it might be better to allow their use for the benefit of the job.

A judiciary rules committee is to decide next month if communications devices are to be banned from courthouses is Maryland. This would include cell phones, smartphones and computers. The move has been criticised by journalists who claim that it would effectively shut down information. One journalist, Ron Sylvester has spent the last two years sending live Twitter reports, sometimes 200 per day, to inform people on what happens at a trial, claims that trials should be public as they have been throughout history. Those who support the move have said it would promote safety for witnesses and avoid the inevitable cell phone rings and tones. Other courts throughout the US have already banned cell phones. †

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