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Nintendo has announced it will be launching a new 3D capable console which is expected to be called the 3DS. It will be released on March 31 next year and will have a 3D gaming experience without special glasses. The console will not be a upgrade of the existing DS Lite or the DSi but will be an all new console. However it will still be able to play the DS games compatible with other machines. More details will be released at the E3 games conference in Los Angeles later in the year.

A partnership between the Obama administration and more than 100 organizations is offering a text messaging service to new mothers to give them advice and baby care information. Text4Baby uses technology from Voxiva and will remind parents about when to set up nursery care to when to go for a vaccination. The messages are relevant to the age of the baby or the stage of pregnancy. Chief Technology Officer for the Government Aneesh Chopra, has said that the technology may help to reduce the infant mortality rate which is considered very high in the US. He says that he hopes this form of communication will reach more people. More than 20,000 women have signed up to the service in its first few weeks.

Amazon has revealed a new software application to allow Mac users to read Kindle e-books, plus a version of the app suitable for the iPad. The Kindle book service can now be used on the Kindle, iPhone, Blackberry, the PC and the Mac. With 450,000 books available, the Kindle is the only way to get digital versions of some books. The Mac version will allow people who already own the Kindle to also view their books on their Mac, and always pick up where they left off.

The Idapti4 is a new gadget charging system which will allow the user to charge up to 4000 different types of gadget with one base station and it will charge 4 at one time. It will charge an iPhone, iPod, Blackberry, games consoles, controllers, sat nav's, digital cameras and more. It has interchangeable tips which are put into slots on the base. It also has a USB port. It will even tell you when your gadget is charged with a series of LED lights. It is available from May for $60.

Gadget skin maker Wrapsol have revealed their latest adhesive protector known as Wrapsol Ultra. The technology it is created from promises to keep gadgets safe from a 6 foot drop. The compound is flexible while being very strong and was originally tested on an iPhone. They dropped the phone 6 foot onto concrete 50 times with no damage. They then dragged a Nokia N97 behind a truck at 35 miles per hour. The phones still retain all their touch sensitive capabilities and had no scratches. Their next plan is to produce a version of the skin which will prevent fingerprints.

Market research firm iSuppli Corp have found in a recent survey that revenue form shipments of smartphones rose by 9.6% in 2009 while LCD-TVs increased by 14% and netbooks rose by an amazing 90%. This is despite global worldwide per capita income dropping by 2%. The company say that this shows how consumers are prioritizing their spending. They say that the latest gadgets are moving into a higher priority position and should herald further improvements in the years to come.

FTC officials have branded Google as irresponsible for their release of Buzz. The software will allow those who the user emails most often to automatically be able to follow the user using the location based application. Google later apologized for this oversight and CEO Eric Schmidt described the outcry as "confusion" and suggested nothing really bad had happened. However privacy issues may have to be ironed out after class action suits which have been filed against the company as well as formal complaints which are being looked into by the FTC. †

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