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Cyberlink PowerDVD, PowerProducer, PowerDirector and YouCam

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 Cyberlink Logo When you get a new PC, it's often got some software pre-installed to handle certain functions such as backup and burning to optical drives. You might easily have some of CyberLink's software pre-installed since it's one of the leaders in this field. Of course, you'll generally get a basic or older version only and, if you want the latest and the best with all features available, you'll no doubt need to spend some money and upgrade.

The company, which was formed in 1996 and is based in Taiwan, is an acknowledged leader in digital entertainment and multimedia products. The range includes applications for DVD authoring, burning and playback, home cinema, video editing and other multimedia processing. It was one of the earliest to achieve 'Compatible with Windows 7' status for all its product range.

Three main products form the foundation of the range. PowerDVD is rated the number one playback software in the world while PowerDirector has a variety of features to achieve professional level video editing. It offers design tools for titles and effects, HD-like output from standard content, the ability to fix common shooting errors and faster performance with reduced editing time. PowerDirector was PC Magazine Editor's Choice for video editing software in 2008.

DVD Suite is an all-in-one solution that combines many of the company's products. These provide the ability to watch Blu-ray disk movies, create videos and slideshows, manage photos and video files, output videos and photos to Blu-ray disks, backup and burn data to DVDs and Blu-ray disks and show everything online through the company's web services. DVD Suite won the PC Magazine Editor's Choice Award 2009 for a multimedia software suite.

In addition to the three main products are YouCam for webcam effects, several backup and burning applications, some Windows plug-ins, eLearning solutions, various products for the digital home and a number of programs for video editing. These all contribute to the 250 million separate sales transactions the company has made worldwide.

Their most popular products include:

◊ CyberLink Live
◊ DVD Menu Templates
◊ DVD Suite 7
◊ HD264 Pack
◊ InstantBurn 5
◊ LabelPrint 2
◊ MagicSports 4
◊ MakeDisc 3
◊ Media Server 2
◊ MediaShow 5
◊ MediaShow Espresso
◊ Power2Go 6
◊ PowerBackup 2.5
◊ PowerCinema 6
◊ PowerDirector 8
◊ PowerDVD 9
◊ PowerDVD Copy
◊ PowerDVD SE for Windows Vista
◊ PowerDVD SE for Windows XP
◊ PowerPack for Windows XP
◊ PowerProducer 5
◊ PowerRecover 5
◊ Remote Control
◊ SoftDMA 2
◊ StreamAuthor 4
◊ YouCam 3

The latest offering is CyberLink Live, which gives you the ability to access your media from anywhere with just a web browser. This subscription service lets you view your photos, music and videos remotely without having to first upload them to a central site. The system uses Intel Remote Wake Technology so you can leave your PC in energy efficient sleep mode and wake it up when you want to access your files. You can even get some work done if the files are on your remote PC.

Use the system to watch TV on your PC, with an electronic programme guide and scheduled recording, or to monitor you home while you're away. There are various plug-ins so you can add the service to your Google desktop, Windows Vista sidebar or as a Yahoo Widget. The perfect geek accessory.

From the navigational side of things, they've chosen to use the standard dot com extension with and you're probably best to bookmark that as variations, such as, generally don't go anywhere. If you're looking for country specific sales, all language variants are hosted on the dot com version to using the usual tld extension as a subdomain (e.g. for German) and whether you're a UK, Canada or Australia english-speaking customer, you can switch to view your pricing structure.

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