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 Interstate Batteries Logo If you're any sort of a techy, you'll have lots of gadgets and many of these will be powered by battery. So you'll need a constant supply of new batteries to keep them going. With a range of over 16,000 different batteries on offer, Interstate Batteries ( might just be the place to look.

If you want to find the right battery, they're arranged by category (Home Electronics, Work and Office, Batteries by Type and so on), with individual types within each one. You can also search by choosing a gadget type and then the particular brand and model, and can select from a range of accessories such as battery chargers. There are usually some special offers and promotions and you can sign up for email alerts of the latest ones. The website also offers battery buying tips and the company operates a battery recycling scheme, processing around 850 million pounds of batteries a year.

There are batteries for all the usual techy gadgets, such as MP3 players, phones, cameras and PDAs. You can also get batteries for your car, flashlight, toys and, if you've been using your MP3 player too much and too loud, for your hearing aid. In short, if it's a battery you want, this is the place where you'll find the right one.

The company started in 1950, selling car batteries to wholesalers from the back of a pick-up truck and is now the number one seller of replacement batteries in North America. It remains a privately owned company, based in Dallas, Texas, with over 1,400 employees and operates under the principle of 'Every Battery for Every Need'. In addition to the website, it sells through a network of 200,000 dealers in the US, Canada and overseas, backed up by a distribution network of 300 wholesale warehouses.

A big boost to the company's name and reputation has been its involvement in motor sport, initially through the Interstate Batteries Great American Race. It undertook sponsorship of coach Joe Gibb's new Winston Cup team in 1992 and so began participation in NASCAR, America's fastest growing professional sport at the time. The venture showed improvement each year and culminated in the winning of the prestigious Winston Cup Championship in 2000.

Another thing that drives the company is religion, with Christian business principles being part of its corporate culture. It maintains a full-time Chaplain among its staff and Chairman Norm Miller even created a TV commercial to promote God's love. This, apparently, received an overwhelming number of positive responses.

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