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J & R Electronics World for Music, Electric Guitar & Computer

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 J&R Logo 'Wanting You to Have It Since 1971' says the website. 'It' turns out to be a huge range of electronics, covering audio and video equipment, cameras, computers and office equipment plus various software applications.

The initials of the company name actually stand for Joe and Rachelle (J and R, see?) Friedman, who opened a music store in New York City in 1971, mainly selling vinyl LPs. The business has since expanded to a store covering a whole city block plus the website (, which both sell an immense variety of products. The extent of the inventory is one of the reasons they're worth a visit, coupled with the boast of low prices and high level of service.

There is a big emphasis on customer service, with the electronic company stating that they stay true to their roots as a family business. They mark this approach as the reason it is the only company to win two Retailer of the Year awards. It also has the 10k award, meaning that it has received over 10,000 reviews while maintaining a minimum 4.5 star rating. The company also has a BizRate Customer Certified seal, denoting that it is committed to providing customer service. It won the BizRate Circle of Excellence Gold Honoree Award in 2008 for outstanding customer service throughout the year.

J&R focus on music and computer products, which seems a strange combination - at least it's unique though. Their electrical goods vary from cameras to cell phones to junior electric guitars.

The products on the website are organized by category, so you can look under Video if you want a plasma TV or under Computers for a new notebook. If you can't find what you want, (and with GPS under Audio, it might be a little confusing in parts but apparently as you generally only want GPS in your car this makes some sense), you can do a search or can look at the Product Guides Directory or at the Site map for a full list of items. There are also a number of featured items at special prices on the home page. Some manufacturers have special promotions and rebates and you can download the required coupons from the rebate center (at time of writing this was locate at

Since the company is an authorized dealer for most electric things it sells, you'll get full manufacturer support whether it's a jr electric guitar or a camera. Its strong association with many manufacturers also means new releases tend to be featured early.

If you don't want to order off the website, there's a toll-free line for phone orders or you can visit their New York store. Of course, some of you seem to be having difficulty finding the web site due to their branding choice. Being "J & R" music many aim for www.j& ... which of course does not exist as you cannot have the "&" character in a web address (though when ICANN fancy some quick cash again this may change!) but does exist and seems to be owned by the company, quickly redirecting you to the correct site. However, the same cannot be said of which takes you to an ad site owned by a totally different company. A Google web search isn't much help either as, whilst J&R will get you to the music world, JR on it's own will not. So, best to bookmark for easy access back if you're not one to memorize every domain name you come across.

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