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Kaspersky Labs Internet Security Anti-Virus Software Download Online

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 Kaspersky Logo The web is the place to be for the modern techy. Whether it's socializing, shopping, running your finances or just finding out what's going on, it's an essential part of your life. But it's also a very dangerous place and, no matter how street-wise you are, you can't afford to go online without protection.

Early viruses might have just been produced to demonstrate the skill of their developers to infiltrate and spread but then they got nasty by destroying data and corrupting software. Now they're more likely to steal your private information and bombard you with nuisance adverts. Whatever they're about, you need to stop them.

Moscow-based (as if the name didn't give it away) Kaspersky Labs was founded in 1997, although Eugene Kaspersky had been developing anti-virus software long before then. The company now has over 1500 specialized staff, operates in over 100 countries and provides protection for 250 million users worldwide. Its relatively long period of existence, in anti-virus terms, makes it one of the most experienced companies in this line of business.

The website ( has products for home and office use that include Internet Security, Anti-virus and Mobile Security. Its business products are less well known but include both Open Space and Targeted Security, with the former being designed to cover networks with remote users while the latter covers specific components of a network. The extent of the range means you can choose a product to suit your needs.

Whether you want to download an upgrade to Kaspersky 2007, 2008 or 2009 to the new 2010 version of their anti virus and/or internet suite software or improve from 6.0 or 7.0 to 8.0 of the Mobile Security program - you can buy an Internet Security CD (with antispam) from Kaspersky labs online through their website. Pricing is pretty similar to buying just a license for an already installed/downloaded product so, as always, having a back up disk for emergencies is always advisable.

Although a highly respected developer of security software, Kaspersky hasn't been without its troubles. A reported security breech in early 2009 allegedly allowed a hacker to gain access to user details, activation codes, bug lists and other sensitive data. The allegation was not denied but the company was quick to seal the breech and assure customers that no personal data had been accessed.

Later in the same year, the company won a legal victory against adware firm Zango, which had objected to its software being identified and blocked as malware. The 9th US Circuit Court of Appeal upheld an earlier court ruling that the company was entitled to identify the software as malicious. Zango had also sued PC Tools over alleged interference but has now apparently gone out of business.

The company's products do undoubtedly win a lot of awards, with its Anti-Virus and Open Space security products being successful at the Hi-Tech Weekly Best of the Best Awards 2009. Open Space Security was also named Security Product of the Year at the SC Magazine Awards Europe 2009. One of the best indicators of how highly the company's products are rated is the fact that its anti-virus engine is used by several other security vendors and over 120 companies license its technology.

Residential or corporate, small business or large, antivirus or antispam - there will be a Karspersky lab product available and tailored for you to buy. If you're looking for a discount, you'll be hard pressed. With prices sub-$100 in most cases that extra $5 off is not worth buying from someone other than the company themselves. The service is more likely to be uncorrupted for one. Most software licenses will last a year (which includes downloads of updates and upgrades to your current version) but that's standard across most AV providers.

Type in to the browser bar and you're there. Sadly, the name seems to be confusing a lot of you! Watch out for those mis-spellings as, whilst some such as or are owned by this company and redirect you to the right site, others, such as or are not. Best to enter the name in a search engine if you're unsure. Google will correct your spelling ... smart-arse that it is ... ;)

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