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 Punch Software Logo This is one of those companies with an exclamation mark after its name, which is no doubt intended to infer some degree of dynamism. There are, in fact, exclamation marks scattered liberally around the website (

The company is based in Kansas City and was founded in 1998 with the express aim of creating 3D design software that would be "fun to use" as well as being productive. As a result, it developed application software that could be used by people who design for a hobby as well as by professionals.

CadSoft Solutions was acquired in 2006, bringing in Computer Aided Design (CAD) applications that have all the features and functionality that professional engineers and architects need. The result is that there are two separate product lines, with the professional CAD software being sold through a different website ( This has a range of 2D and 3D drafting and design products that resulted in the company being the fastest growing CAD software supplier in 2007.

The main website has a range of applications for the home and landscape designer. Top of the range is the Architectural Series 5000 product that the company describes as the most powerful and comprehensive suite of products it has ever assembled into a package. Other versions in the Architectural Series are also available.

Moving down the range, there's a suite for home and garden landscape design, products that cover home or landscaping only and a Design Studio for the Mac. At the bottom end, there are products that focus only on particular rooms, such as the Kitchen Designer and Bathroom Designer applications. The result is that you can choose the product that's right for your project and your budget, whether you're trying to create that designer pad with minimalist features or an outdoor living area for entertaining in between the summer downpours.

The Design Suite has all sorts of features to help the hobbyist designer. These include video tutorials to illustrate how it all works, automatic resizing and reshaping of rooms, photo-realistic fittings, 3D objects and automatic roof generation. The product is also claimed to have a rendering speed that's up to 26 times faster than that of competitors. How you actually prove that is debatable.

Over 2.5 million units have been sold across the world. This has made the products America's number one best-selling home and landscape design retail software every year from 2000 up to 2008. The aim is to be the leading global provider for design solutions. Well on their way then.

Current popular products include:

◊ Home & Landscape Design Suite with NexGen
◊ Landscape, Deck & Patio Designer
◊ Home Design Architectural Series 3000, 4000 or 5000
◊ 5 In 1 Home Design
◊ Master Landscape and Home Design
◊ Interior Design Suite
◊ Professional Home Design Platinum
◊ Punch! Kitchen Designer
◊ Home Design Studio + Pro (for Mac)
◊ Punch! Bathroom Designer
◊ ViaCad 2D, 3D and Pro
◊ Shark, Shark LT and FX

But if someone could explain the problem with "torrent" files we'd appreciate it. Lots of ranting about it regarding the Architect packages but we couldn't work out exactly what the issue was. What was funny was researching Punches Shark CAD - some humorous info articles on punching some rather fierce beasties!

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