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Relax the Back Chairs

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 Relax the Back Logo One of the drawbacks of being a dedicated techy is that you spend a lot of time hunched over a computer screen. Even when you're not at work, the games console can take up a lot of your spare time. And this kind of lifestyle doesn't, to be honest, do a lot of good for your back. What you need is something to help your posture and ease your aches and pains. Relax the Back ( is just the thing.

The company's goal is to provide prevention and relief measures for back and neck pain. Products are listed by 'lifestyle zone', with each reflecting the different elements of people's lives. This means that you can easily identify and find the correct products for the appropriate time of the day. Under the Sleep zone you will find beds, mattresses, pillows and sleep accessories, including bed wedges to help you sit and lie correctly in bed. The Seating zone has office chairs and zero gravity recliners of various types.

Massage products include recliners, massage chairs and massagers. The Office zone has chairs, workstations, seat cushions and foot rests. You can also buy DVDs and books dealing with the prevention and treatment of neck and back pain, plus various fitness and therapy products. There are also products to use when traveling, such as foam pillows and roll-up keyboards, plus a range of clearance items and gift cards. If you're lucky enough to order at the right time, there are sometimes special offers such as free delivery. Information is available on selected topics, including sciatica, whiplash and lower back pain, describing the conditions, their cause and how they may be treated.

Starting out from a single retail store in Austin, Texas in 1984, the company has grown to a chain of over 120 retail stores in the US and Canada. Most of these stores are located in prime sites close to major shopping malls. They operate in addition to the website, with the company headquarters in La Palma, California. The company was bought by venture capital firm Dominion Ventures Inc in 2001 and is now jointly owned by Dominion and Pacific Mezzanine Fund, both of California.

All stores are run as franchises, with innovation encouraged for each franchisee. However, all of them are required to attend company training programs that cover posture, ergonomics and self-care. The intention is that all stores will be able to offer advice and education in the proper use of the products they sell. Providing a complete and informed service leads to a higher level of customer satisfaction.

With the so-called 'Baby Boomers' numbering over 76 million in America and experiencing increasing levels of back pain, the industry is growing quickly and stores continue to be added every year.

Navigate by category for mattresses, pillows, sleep accessories, seating, zero gravity recliners, office chairs, massage recliners, hand-held massagers, foot massagers, workstations, seat cushions, foot rests, dvds and books such as:

Self Inflating Back Rest
SANYO Zero Gravity Foot Massager
Brezza Office Chair
Lafuma LaGrande Outdoor & Zero Gravity Cotton Recliner
Futura Clipper Zero Gravity Recliner
Novus Metal & Plus Zero Gravity Recliner
Terra Zero Gravity Recliner
Human Touch Silhouette, Manual, Power and Upholstered Perfect Chair (PC-75, PC-6, PC95, PC85)
SANYO Zero Gravity Relaxation Recliner
Zero Gravity Lift Chair
The Manhattan Zero Gravity Lift Chair
Provence Home Theater & Club Zero Gravity Recliner
Avanti Recliner Zero Gravity Recliner
Perfect Chair Accessory & Wedge Spanner Table
Novus 2 Side Table

... and more.

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