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 TextbookX Logo Students invariably complain about being short of money so buying the course textbooks they need can be a big hit on the finances. The website was launched in 2002 by Akademos Inc, an online book distributor based in Norwalk, Connecticut, to overcome this problem. It offers over 930,000 new and used textbooks and other books at low prices - up to 90% off retail prices and an average of 50% of new book prices.

Books are listed by category or you can search by keyword, ISBN, title or author. Once you find the book you want you can choose to buy a new book or get a used one through the marketplace at a lower price. If you buy through the marketplace, you get the book directly from the individual seller.

As well as buying books here at reduced prices, you also have the chance to make some extra cash by selling your own used textbooks in the marketplace. If you've set up an account, you only need to enter the ISBN of each book you want to sell and the required price. It is then available on the website through the marketplace and can also appear on your Facebook profile. Once the book sells, you'll pay a fee to the site but can expect to make twice what you would on a typical bookstore buyback scheme.

Another way to make some money is the 'Buck a Book' scheme where you get paid commission for referrals. You get Textbook X marketing material to distribute and, if someone enters your discount code, you get $1 for every book they buy.

The site also has a college bookstore program, where individual colleges and other educational organizations can effectively have a customized version of the site to sell books to their own students. If your college or school is affiliated, it will appear on the Scholl Book Stores list. Click the name and you're taken to its version of the store.

You can still search all the available books but can also get a list of only the books you actually need. You can choose to view all available classes or click on an instructor to see the classes they take. Clicking the class will then show the textbooks that are required or recommended. You can choose to buy a new or used version, as through the main site. There may then be flexible payment options that work with your bursar and financial aid office.

Books bought through the main site are guaranteed fast delivery through UPS, with online order tracking available. Marketplace sellers make their own arrangements, which are generally stated with the book description.

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