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 Verison Logo Verison Business Internet Services: One of the best packages for providing commercial internet services for yourself and your employees. This simple to use package converts your business network phone line into a three channel system for delivering voice and internet data - this is done via multiple modems that connect directly to your business phone lines. One channel gives your employees the ability to make and receive calls, and transmit and receive faxes the same way your employees are used to. The other two channels allow your employees to upload and download internet data with net sharing, so they can easily access web pages and download software and media files. Your business can continue to use your current phone line while your employees are connected to the wireless internet, allowing your business to handle multiple tasks at once.

You don't just get fast internet transfer with Business Internet, you'll also get additional features with your high speed business internet package that will enhance the wireless broadband internet experience for yourself and your employees. For example, you'll get unlimited access to tech support and customer service. Online DSL support is not just available during certain hours - it's available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Even if your employees are working late at night or during the weekend, they will always be able to contact tech support to get help with a troublesome download or a connectivity problem.

Verisons High Speed Internet Service: Unlike a dial up internet connection, which typically delivers internet data at a maximum of 56.6 Kbps, high speed internet can deliver data up to 50 times faster. No more waiting 2 minutes or more to display a high resolution image file, or an hour or more sat at home to download a software application. You will be able to download even the largest files in just a few minutes.

To give you an example of how "high speed" can speed up your internet tasks, let's take a look at an average video download. With a standard dial up connection, it can take up to 8 minutes to download a video file for playback. With Verison's Starter package, you can download the same file in about 30 seconds, and with the Power package, the video could be ready to play in a brisk 8 seconds.

Verison Wireless Services: Some wireless internet services will only work with certain types of phones, and will only give you access to a limited number of websites or applications. With wireless you don't have to be restricted to having a certain phone or being limited to certain web pages. You'll have robust web access that will allow you to stay updated, no matter where your travels take you.

Verison's wireless cell phone service has quite a large range of cellphones such as the Motorola razr (razor), Samsung and Verisons own wireless chocolate and white chocolate phone. The wireless cell phone plans available are no less flexible or customizable than from any other provider with various pay as you go (Inpulse) and pre paid wireless cell phones packages being sold by various retailers around the country along with the usual extras like ring tones. Coverage is the standard you would expect but check with the VerisonWireless website for availability in your area or contact your local wireless store to ensure you will get the best out of it when mobile.

Even with the high price of some prepaid phones many cellular purchases are impulse buys despite the possible inconveniences of changing your phone e.g. not all telephone service carriers will allow you to switch your phone number over to a new network. With the huge number of gadgets out there people tend to switch based on a trendier design rather than any increased functionality or greater cost benefits based on their phone usage. Bluetooth compatibility and the ability to add your own ringtone seem to be the staples of any cellphone purchase and if you are looking to change your phone then the wire less service is as good as any other. They have a dedicated site at ( won't get you there so remember to bookmark) or you can follow the links from their main site.

Verisons FiOS Internet Services: There are some people that are just fine with dial up internet speeds - if the only reason you use the internet is to check your email, dial up might be just fine for you. But if you like to surf the internet, view video and other media, and download software and other data files, such as with Verison's own V Cast Service, you need something much faster. High speed cable internet can give you faster speeds, but if you want a truly exciting internet experience, step up to FiOS (fiber optic) Internet Services - you'll be able to complete your internet tasks in far less time, and surf the web like never before.

If you're ready for the fastest internet page loads and downloads available today, try the 30 Mbps fibre optic package - you'll get downloads up to 200 times faster than with a dial up connection. This package will let you download huge software and media files in a matter of seconds - no more waiting hours for downloads like you would with a dial up connection. You'll be able to use your downloaded software quicker, so you can get more done and move on to other things.

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