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Verizon Wireless Prepaid Cellular Service & Free Cell Phones

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 Verizon Wireless Logo If you're looking for a new cell phone, you want one with a network you can rely on. Verizon Wireless claims to operate the largest and most reliable voice and data network in the US. It has 87.7 million customers and also reckons to operate the largest 3G broadband network.

With its headquarters in Basking Ridge, New Jersey, the business is a joint venture between New York-based Verizon Communications and Vodafone. The latter, based in the UK, is the world's leading international mobile communications group with around 303 million customers in 31 countries and with approximately 40 partner networks.

The result of this alliance is a business that offers a range of cellphones, related products and plans through its website ( There's usually a number of online deals that come at a special price or have a free bonus offer - though you're more likely to get them with a monthly plan rather than a prepay. A number of different prepaid or monthly plans are available and you can choose different types of phones, including smart phones and PDAs. PC cards, USB modems, netbooks and accessories are available plus some downloadable games, applications, ring tones and wallpaper. Various bundles are also on offer so that you can combine internet access and a TV service with your phone deal. You can also sign up for email updates, join in forums or follow the company on social networking sites.

Free overnight shipping is generally available and the company's Wireless Worry Free Guarantee is designed to demonstrate its commitment to its customers. Besides giving promises about reliability, this allows customers to cancel their pre pay contract within thirty days of activation, change their plan anytime without incurring a fee and get a new device every two years when signing up for a two year plan.

The company's commitment to its customers has placed it above the industry average for six years running according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index Survey. Mobile media research firm M:Metrics find its customers to be most loyal and most likely to recommend the service to their friends while the company received high honors in the 2008 Brand Keys Customer Loyalty Engagement Index.

Despite having the largest network, the company is working to expand it. The purchase of Alltel was completed in January 2009, with its network being upgraded and integrated into the Verizon voice and advanced broadband network.

A useful addition to the company's funds was the $33.15 million it was awarded in December 2008, with the ruling being upheld in August 2009 by a federal court in the Northern District of California. This resulted from OnlineNIC, a domain registration company, being found guilty of violating the Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act. It was declared to have registered 663 domain names that were similar or identical to Verizon trademarks with the intention of deceiving users, and the company was awarded $50,000 for each domain name. 663 variations may seem impossible to imagine but VZW left themselves wide open for variants with the brand choice - just take verizonwirelss, verionwireless or verzonwireless as examples of even the slightest error and it's easy to see where all the extras come from. Although, even 1000 domain registrations (to avoid squatters) would only cost them around $5000 a year which is really a drop in the ocean. But why pay that every year when you can let others buy them and then sue for damages! :) OnlineNIC themselves had even managed to avoid any registration fees for the domain names by registering and then de-registering them before the end of the five day cancellation period that is allowed under ICANN rules.

Like most branded products with phonetically challenging names, the Verizon cell phone plan brand (note: unlike most UK/US spelling altercations the UK brand is not Verison!) shows up in our message boards, search logs and consumer reviews as anything from verizion to verzion. Even direct type-ins seems to off on most occasions with and being common tries - but, whilst those two errors won't get you in to trouble as they redirect to the main site, and are examples of addresses owned by other companies showing similar ads to the pre paid wire less cellphone operator you're looking for.

If you're an avid browser bar typer then what you're looking for is not, but actually which hosts all the information you need. Even the main site directs you there, but be sure and bookmark because, as we've mentioned before, a bit of misspelling could get you lost.

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