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 Wirefly Logo If you're wanting a new phone or are looking to change your current plan, Wirefly has a website ( with a lot to offer. This privately owned company (part of Simplexity LLC) is based in Reston, Virginia and has been providing wireless products for around ten years. It has been rated the internet's number one authorized agent for every major carrier in the US since 2003 and was voted by users as the number one in customer experience.

The company claims to offer more carriers, plans and phones than any other online cell phone store and to have the best deals around. If it's a new phone you want, there are plenty available and you can view the best sellers or look at a particular carrier or brand. There's also a search capability and you can access specialty devices, such as touch screen phones, unlocked phones and smart phones. Added to this are a number of netbooks that you can combine with broadband products to get a great price. If you've already got a laptop, you can add a laptop card instead for web access.

The supply of unlocked phones means that buyers are free to choose their carrier. It has come in response to customer requests for this type of product and is seen as an expanding market. The move has been made possible by a US Supreme Court decision not to prevent a class action lawsuit on behalf of users in California.

Service plans are available from several carriers so you can choose the one that suits you best. Some roll over unused minutes while others offer selected free calls or flexible plans so it's a matter of choosing the one you prefer. There are also family or shared plans where you can have multiple phones covered by a single monthly fee. Again, the plans vary depending on the carrier so you need to pick one that fits your needs.

If you've already got a family plan, you can add further lines and include the phone of your choice. This should be a lot cheaper than taking out a new plan for an individual phone. There are also upgrade deals where you can extend your existing contract and get a new cellular phone at no cost.

Accessories are available so you can get headsets, car kits and cases among other things. For a fixed monthly fee you can choose a range of downloads per month including ring tones, games, wallpaper and music so you can use your cell phone as a full entertainment device. This is despite the fact that a cell phone survey conducted by the company revealed that, although most people buy phones with cameras, music players, gaming capabilities and web support, relatively few have used the extra features. Many considered the size and form of the device the most important features.

All orders are (at time of writing) shipped free through FedEx but you can pay a fee to get your products quicker. Real-time online order tracking is available so you can see shipment and activity status.

You can subscribe to the newsletter, which will give you the chance to enter contests and sweepstakes. The company also operates a trade-in program to encourage recycling, with Americans replacing their cell phones every eighteen months on average. A trade-in value is offered when a new phone is bought, with the option of donating this to charity.

In line with its techy image, the company is a supporter of technology events. In 2006, it was the title sponsor of the X Prize Cup, an annual two-day rocket festival that focuses on rocketry and lunar landing technology.

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