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Don't be fooled in to thinking that Crucial are the only ones who sell memory and that you need a PC specialist to get a top of the range laptop. If you know what you want, check out if it just happens to be on offer elsewhere. An MP3 player is a typical example of a product that is more likely to be cheaper from a department store or supermarket than a specialist.

Alibris Other Geek Retailers Alibris Having started in 1993 as Interloc, which was a database for professional booksellers, Alibris was launched in 1998. With its headquarters in Emeryville, California, it remains a private company with less than 100 employees. Nevertheless, it has grown to become one of the largest onlin... Alibris Reviews >>

Interstate Batteries Other Geek Retailers Interstate Batteries If you're any sort of a techy, you'll have lots of gadgets and many of these will be powered by battery. So you'll need a constant supply of new batteries to keep them going. With a range of over 16,000 different batteries on offer, Interstate Batteries ( mi... Interstate Batteries Reviews >>

Office Depot Other Geek Retailers Office Depot Having opened its first store in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 1986, Office Depot has grown into a global company with $14.5 billion annual sales. From its Boca Raton headquarters, it runs a business that operates in 47 countries, employs over 42,000 people and has almost 1,600 retail st... Office Depot Reviews >>

Relax the Back Other Geek Retailers Relax the Back One of the drawbacks of being a dedicated techy is that you spend a lot of time hunched over a computer screen. Even when you're not at work, the games console can take up a lot of your spare time. And this kind of lifestyle doesn't, to be honest, do a lot of good for your back. What y... Relax the Back Reviews >>

TextbookX Other Geek Retailers TextbookX Students invariably complain about being short of money so buying the course textbooks they need can be a big hit on the finances. The website was launched in 2002 by Akademos Inc, an online book distributor based in Norwalk, Connecticut, to overcome this problem. It ... TextbookX Reviews >>

Time Life Other Geek Retailers Time Life Editor: Ummm ... what is "Time Life" doing in the Geek Directory? r> Me: Well, we were increasing the number of audio/visual listings and this name came up. r> Editor: Is that Tony Orlando on the screen? r> Me: Well, yes. r> Editor:<... Time Life Reviews >>

Verison Other Geek Retailers Verison Verison Business Internet Services: One of the best packages for providing commercial internet services for yourself and your employees. This simple to use package converts your business network phone line into a three channel system for delivering voice and internet data - this... Verison Reviews >>

Yahoo Hotjobs Other Geek Retailers Yahoo Hotjobs Getting the job you want can be a challenge at the best of times but, if the economic situation is difficult, it's even more of a problem. You need all the help you can get and employment sites such as can find just the position you need as well as telling you what to... Yahoo Hotjobs Reviews >>

Also, there are many non-geek-labeled items that any good geek should not be without. A good desk. A good chair. A good TV to display your super high resolution images. You name it, there is a non-geek product you'll need to keep up your geekery. †

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