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There are not only a huge number of cellphones available but there also seems to be an infinite number of cell phone service operators. Such is not really the case and most such firms are resellers, i.e. you pay your bill to them and they pay the company that manage the cell phone network they have an affiliation with. There is a lot of branding going on but, unlike most other industries where rebranding means you are essentially paying more than you should, you could actually be paying less with these services. Many will have negotiated lower rates for the calls their customers make on that network and to get your business you can often get extras, offers and discounts that the major firms would not "lower themselves" to!

J&R Cell Phones J&R 'Wanting You to Have It Since 1971' says the website. 'It' turns out to be a huge range of electronics, covering audio and video equipment, cameras, computers and office equipment plus various software applications. The initials of the company name actually stand for Joe and... J&R Reviews >>

Verizon Wireless Cell Phones Verizon Wireless If you're looking for a new cell phone, you want one with a network you can rely on. Verizon Wireless claims to operate the largest and most reliable voice and data network in the US. It has 87.7 million customers and also reckons to operate the largest 3G broadband network. ... Verizon Wireless Reviews >>

Wirefly Cell Phones Wirefly If you're wanting a new phone or are looking to change your current plan, Wirefly has a website ( with a lot to offer. This privately owned company (part of Simplexity LLC) is based in Reston, Virginia and has been providing wireless products for around ten years. It ha... Wirefly Reviews >>

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