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The computer you owned used to only be determined by your own budgetary restraints. Now, with bluetooth, wireless, networking, dvd recorders, ipod, flash drives and so on it seems like almost everyone has to customize to their needs. With laptops becoming almost necessities for students and such the lowly desktop has seen a crash in pricing which, in turn, has made the laptop seem extrememly overpriced for what you get. And, despite how the movies seem to portray electrical retail stores, much of the time you end up talking to someone who has only worked there a day and knows less than you about the systems and how they work. Many are turning to online purchases for their computing needs as not only do you get the most up to date equipment, but you can more readily customize that gear and get all the info you need within a couple of clicks.

Crucial Memory Computing Crucial Memory A website like this ( is priceless for the true geek, offering all manner of means to squeeze the last bit of performance out of your PC. And having obtained a trademark for its use of the term 'The Memory Experts', you can see what it's all about. Crucial is... Crucial Memory Reviews >>

Cyberlink Computing Cyberlink When you get a new PC, it's often got some software pre-installed to handle certain functions such as backup and burning to optical drives. You might easily have some of CyberLink's software pre-installed since it's one of the leaders in this field. Of course, you'll generally get a ba... Cyberlink Reviews >>

J&R Computing J&R 'Wanting You to Have It Since 1971' says the website. 'It' turns out to be a huge range of electronics, covering audio and video equipment, cameras, computers and office equipment plus various software applications. The initials of the company name actually stand for Joe and... J&R Reviews >>

Kaspersky Computing Kaspersky The web is the place to be for the modern techy. Whether it's socializing, shopping, running your finances or just finding out what's going on, it's an essential part of your life. But it's also a very dangerous place and, no matter how street-wise you are, you can't afford to go onlin... Kaspersky Reviews >>

Punch Software Computing Punch Software This is one of those companies with an exclamation mark after its name, which is no doubt intended to infer some degree of dynamism. There are, in fact, exclamation marks scattered liberally around the website ( The company is based in Kansas City and ... Punch Software Reviews >>

Tech Depot Computing Tech Depot If you're wanting a single source for all your technology products, this might be a good place to look ( It offers all the hardware you're likely to need, including notebooks, workstations, tablet PCs and bare bone systems plus all the components if you want to build... Tech Depot Reviews >>

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