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This category may seem moot as most would expect that nearly every store these days sells electrical appliances of some sort. But whilst Wal-Mart will have a decent range of gear at decent enough prices ... they don't cater for the hardcore geek. In this category you'll find the equipment you'll be needing to replace regularly at the cheapest price (like your MP3 player, cell phone or headphones) to your specialist stores that carry the top of the line gear (like your MP3 player, cell phone or headphones!).

Basically, the defining line between where you want to shop depends on how close to the cutting edge you need to be ... and how much cash do you have?

Crucial Memory Electronics Retailers Crucial Memory A website like this ( is priceless for the true geek, offering all manner of means to squeeze the last bit of performance out of your PC. And having obtained a trademark for its use of the term 'The Memory Experts', you can see what it's all about. Crucial is... Crucial Memory Reviews >>

Interstate Batteries Electronics Retailers Interstate Batteries If you're any sort of a techy, you'll have lots of gadgets and many of these will be powered by battery. So you'll need a constant supply of new batteries to keep them going. With a range of over 16,000 different batteries on offer, Interstate Batteries ( mi... Interstate Batteries Reviews >>

J&R Electronics Retailers J&R 'Wanting You to Have It Since 1971' says the website. 'It' turns out to be a huge range of electronics, covering audio and video equipment, cameras, computers and office equipment plus various software applications. The initials of the company name actually stand for Joe and... J&R Reviews >>

Tech Depot Electronics Retailers Tech Depot If you're wanting a single source for all your technology products, this might be a good place to look ( It offers all the hardware you're likely to need, including notebooks, workstations, tablet PCs and bare bone systems plus all the components if you want to build... Tech Depot Reviews >>

Wirefly Electronics Retailers Wirefly If you're wanting a new phone or are looking to change your current plan, Wirefly has a website ( with a lot to offer. This privately owned company (part of Simplexity LLC) is based in Reston, Virginia and has been providing wireless products for around ten years. It ha... Wirefly Reviews >>

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