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Verizon Business: Verizon's Commercial Broadband, DSL & FiOS Internet Services

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Verizon Online: Business Services

Do you need a high speed internet service for your employees, so your business can operate efficiently and your employees can get more done in less time? Perhaps you've looked into business internet services, but found them too confusing, or unable to accommodate the demands of your business. You don't have to settle for services that have confusing service terms or deliver lackluster performance - when you need a business internet package that will provide fast download and page load speeds for your employees without bogging you down, take a look at Verizon Business Internet Services.

One of the best packages for providing internet services for yourself and your employees is Verizon's High Speed Internet for Business. This simple to use package converts your business network phone line into a three channel system for delivering voice and internet data - this is done via multiple modems that connect directly to your business phone lines. One channel gives your employees the ability to make and receive calls, and transmit and receive faxes the same way your employees are used to. The other two channels allow your employees to upload and download internet data, so they can easily access web pages and download software and media files. Your business can continue to use your current phone line while your employees are connected to the internet, allowing your business to handle multiple tasks at once.

You have the option to select one of three primary high speed internet packages through Verizon Business Internet Services. The starter package gives you download and page load speeds of up to 1.5 Mbps - you can access web pages and download files up to 20 times faster than with a dial up connection. If you need more speed from your business internet connection, you can select a 3 Mbps package for even faster downloads and uploads. For a truly fast connection, you can opt for a 7.1 Mbps package, which will allow your employees to access pages faster than ever, and reduce download times for even the largest files to just a few seconds.

You don't just get fast internet transfer with Verizon Business Internet Services. You'll also get additional features with your high speed business internet package that will enhance the internet experience for yourself and your employees. For example, you'll get unlimited access to tech support. Support is not just available during certain hours - it's available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Even if your employees are working late at night or during the weekend, they will always be able to contact tech support to get help with a troublesome download or a connectivity problem.

You will also get a self installation kit with your Verizon Business Internet Services. This means that you don't have to wait on a technician to come to your office and get your business internet connection up and running - you can follow the simple instructions provided with the self installation kit, and your employees can be using the internet in less than an hour.

If you're interested in providing an internet connection for your employees without spending a lot of time searching for plans or setting up your network, check out Verizon Business Internet Solutions. You can find the plan you need at a price that won't break your business budget. †

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