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VerizonOnline - Verizon's High-Speed Internet Services

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Verizon Online: High Speed Internet Services

Are you looking for an affordable high speed internet service that can deliver quick downloads, fast page loads, and loads of extra features? Then check out Verizon high speed internet service. Unlike a dial up internet connection, which typically delivers internet data at a maximum of 56.6 Kbps, Verizon high speed internet can deliver data up to 50 times faster. No more waiting 2 minutes or more to display a high resolution image file, or an hour or more to download a software application. With Verizon high speed internet, you will be able to download even the largest files in just a few minutes. Verizon high speed internet offers two primary packages - the Starter package, which delivers data at a maximum speed of 768 Kbps, and the Power package, which delivers data at up to 3 Mbps. These packages can make your internet tasks much quicker, and can allow you to download software and other files at speeds that won't slow down your projects.

To give you an example of how Verizon high speed internet can speed up your internet tasks, let's take a look at an average video download. With a standard dial up connection, it can take up to 8 minutes to download a video file for playback. With Verizon's Starter package, you can download the same file in about 30 seconds, and with the Power package, the video could be ready to play in a brisk 8 seconds.
Verizon high speed internet also includes a number of features not available with other internet service plans. For example, Verizon offers tech support 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. This feature can be a lifesaver when you are working late on an important project, and you are having trouble downloading a crucial file to include in your project. You also get 9 separate email accounts with your Verizon high speed internet plan. Unlike most email accounts, which only offer limited storage space, Verizon's email accounts offer over 2 MB of storage for Starter plans, and over 4 MB of storage for Power plans. You won't have to worry about constantly deleting emails to make sure that new messages can be delivered. Also, you'll get 10 MB of personal website space, so you can build and launch a business website, store photos or video, or create a website to share events with family and friends. You'll have plenty of room for uploading pictures, posting video files, or creating a blog to keep your family and friends up to date.

Unlike most internet packages, Verizon high speed internet also includes easy self installation instructions. This means that you won't have to sit at home all day waiting for a technician to come to your home and get your high speed internet up and running. You can be surfing the internet in as little at 15 minutes with Verizon's self installation package. So if you are looking for high speed internet that will make your internet tasks easier and give you loads of extra features, check out Verizon high speed internet - you are sure to find a package that will fit your needs. †

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