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02/10/2012 The point of the rhetorical qouitsen would seem to be that with Verizon and satellite out of the picture, 50-100 Mbps broadband access will be a local monopoly controlled by the cable companies. But that may be like worrying about whether Cadillac and later Mercedes had monopolies on luxury cars. How many people will truly need 50-100 Mbps speeds in 2012? Among the failings of the national broadband plan was that it didn't address this qouitsen. If there are six people in a household and they all want to watch their own high definition program streamed over the Internet, they still aren't going to need that much speed, which may be the reason Verizon isn't expanding its service area.But going back to the rhetorical qouitsen that is the subject of the post, if such high-speed broadband access is a monopoly service then there are at least three choices: 1) the FCC could regulate it and by regulate I mean full rate of return regulation; 2) the FCC could do nothing; or 3) the FCC might take a middle ground and separate the business of laying fiber from the ISP business and regulate the former. At the moment, I don't see that there is the political will in Washington for choice 1 or 3. The phrase Title II regulation to me implies the third choice, which I think would meet the most resistance from the carriers. They won that fight with DSL and darn sure aren't going to give it back.

23/01/2010 I love FIOS bundle, but the customer service is the worst I've ever had to deal with. Every time I need to get in touch with them my blood boils 4 years already. This time I need to give them new payment info and I've tried for the last 25 minutes or so to reach them and have not been able to do crap. Thatís what the customer service is ****, ****!!! When I first get FIOS service they gave me an email account from four years I have never used that email account for anything. So as Iím trying to signup on line and it needs two conditions to be true 1st email and 2nd account number. I donít remember the email, so Iím screwed again by FIOS customer service. The account number should be enough. They **** ***. Always somethin

30/12/2009 no good comments about verizon service or equipment will ever exist!

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